Sonal Patel Joins FirstPartyCapital; Rich Ashton Talks About the Wonders Of Our Vertical Fund At 0100 Conference

This is the FirstPartyCapital weekly newsletter.  It covers news and updates about the FirstPartyCapital fund and its portfolio companies.

Sonal Patel Joins FirstPartyCapital Investment Committee

Sonal Patel is joining the FirstPartyCapital Investment Committee, helping us to source and vet world class ad tech, martech and digital media companies.  Given Sonal is located in Singapore, it allows us to make good on our promise to invest in the most innovative companies in the APAC region.  Sonal has had a stellar career in our industry, holding senior roles at RightMedia, Google, Twitter, AppNexus APAC and Dentsu. She’s currently scaling and growing Quantcast’s technology and data offering in Asia. She is also the current chairperson of the IAB SEA+IN board.  This appointment comes at an exciting time for the fund, as we are now accelerating investment in the next wave of industry innovation.  

Our Managing Partner, Rich Ashton, Speaks At  0100 Conference

Rich Ashton, our Managing Partner at FPC, was in Bratislava this week speaking on an investment panel at the 0100 Conference, telling LPs and peers why FirstPartyCapital is arguably the most unique fund in Europe.  Why? Well, we are a sector-specific fund while the majority of funds operating in the UK and Europe are horizontal “spray and pray” operations.  Our LP base is mostly industry insiders.  We are founder friendly.  And finally we actually understand the industry we are investing in.  A more in-depth report on the panel will appear in next week’s newsletter. 

Only One Month Until We Close General Access To Our Fund

As we announced in last week’s newsletter, general access to the fund will close on January 01.  That attractively priced lower tier that we are offering industry LPs will increase significantly from 2022.  Now is the time to commit to avail of that discount.

Passendo Now Live On The FirstPartyCapital Platform - Get Investing

Last week we put the Passendo deal live on the FirstPartyCapital syndicate platform.  The company has built an enterprise email ad serving stack, plugging a gapping hole in the targeting and measurement capabilities of a hugely important revenue area for publishers and retailers.  You simply can’t hack Google Ad Manager to make it scale in email.  Passendo is going to be the category winner in email - so get investing now.